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Donald Rizzo is an artist who sees the world through fragments; fragments of color, fragments of memory, fragments of space, and fragments of who people really are. His works are kaleidoscopic visions of vibrant color which stem from his dark personal experience dealing with depression with psychotic symptoms.  Donald is nothing short of being his truest self and showcasing his unique eye that allows his viewers to create their own reality of what they see in his images.

Art is the activity that occurs in the space that exists between your eyes and that object I’ve created. It is the interaction between the collective experiences in your brain, as you process the way I have chosen to express the collective experiences in my brain. It is only when this exchange takes place, that my work becomes Art.

The Art of Donald Rizzo offering Acrylic on Canvas Paintings and Limited Edition Prints.   Below are of some of the paintings you will find in each of the galleries: Ambiguous DelusionsGay Life Fiction, Fantasy or ActualityMaskamorphicThe Lonely, the Forgotten and the OutcastPortraits, and Shades of Purple.  Gay Art   Gay Male Art  Gay Art Paintings  Gay Art Prints  Nude Gay Male Art  



art that does not attempt to represent external, recognizable reality but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures.


From the Latin word meaning “true,” verism is the name of a style of portraiture that is hyperrealistic and emphasizes individual features a naturalistic approach, in which every wrinkle and flaw is present; strict representation of truth and reality including the homely and vulgar.

Abstract Verism

Donald Rizzo 

Donald is now represented by 

Donald is now represented by 

Gallery XO   

2376 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, Florida

Gallery XO has Donald Rizzo's original paintings and many limited edition prints

Current and Upcoming showings


A collection of Portraits 
2262 Market Street : San Francisco, CA

© Donald Rizzo 2006 - 2016

© Donald Rizzo 2006 - 2016